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Epigenomics and gene-nutrient interactions

Simonetta Friso
Associate Professor
Silvia Udali
Scholarship holder
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Epigenetics and gene-nutrient interactions Research & Experimental
Title Managers Sponsors Starting date Duration (months)
Effects of Aging and Folate on Colonic Carcinogenesis Simonetta Friso, Patrizia Guarini National Institues of Health (NIH) - richiesto Mar 1, 2007 60
Epigenetic effects of biofortification with folate and microelements in food plants Simonetta Friso Feb 2, 2016 24
Epigenetic effects of chronic alcohol consumption on colonic mucosa Simonetta Friso National Institues of Health (NIH) - richiesto Mar 9, 2006 36
Meccanismi epigenetici e interazioni genetico-nutrizionali nelle leucemie acute Simonetta Friso Fondazione Cariverona Sep 10, 2004 24


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