Central libraries

E. Meneghetti central library - Medicine, Science and Technology
Please note: As of 1 September 2021 all users of university libraries, including departmental ones, will need to have their Green Pass checked. More info: https://www.univr.it/en/info-covid .

Please note: consultation rooms and study spaces at the University’s libraries are now open to University users only, who can access them up to the number of users allowed by social distancing measures. Visit this link for more info: https://www.univr.it/en/avviso/-/avviso/149902

The Egidio Meneghetti central library is the main library for degree courses in medicine and surgery, mathematics, physics, natural sciences and sport and exercise science at the University of Verona.
It is open to undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students, researchers, university staff and hospital staff in Verona. Access is also permitted to external users.