PhD in Biomolecular Medicine


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The educational objectives of the PhD course in Biomolecular Medicine are aimed at preparing researchers to work in academia, in public or private agencies, or in productive structures such as biomed-biotech companies. This aim will be pursued, by each PhD student, through the development of a research project related to an interdisciplinary contest within international research programs. Foreign teachers will take part to the PhD teacher staff and actively contribute by hosting PhD students in their laboratories in order to fulfill the research project requirements. The final objective of the present PhD course is the generation of new professional figures that could competitively insert into the world of work.
The Biomolecular Medicine PhD course is articulated into 2 curricula: Biochemistry and Clinical Proteomics and Genomics.
The aims of the Biochemistry Curriculum are addressed to provide students with a solid biochemical culture, either theoretical or methodological, aimed to develop a molecular approach towards physiological and pathological events.
The aims of the Clinical Proteomics and Genomics Curriculum are addressed to provide with a theoretical-practical education within both proteomics and genomics applied to the study of hematological, oncologic and non-oncologic, immunoreumathologic and cardiovascular diseases.
The aims of the PhD course span in the 3-years duration and are articulated as follows:
  1. First-Second Year: identification of the research project; acquisition of skills and investigative autonomy with regard to biochemical methods (curriculum Biochemistry) and laboratory base of proteomics and genomics (curriculum CLINICAL GENOMICS AND PROTEOMICS); writing and oral presentation to the teaching staff of the progress of the project research with discussion of the data.
  2. Second-Third Year: Collection and proposed interpretation of data, development of methods and technology acquisition, training periods in high speciality structures of the network of foreign laboratories associated with the doctorate or who are in partnership with members of the teaching staff or in the biotech associated (Nurex srl). The final goal is the acquisition of investigative autonomy with drafting and discussion of the doctoral thesis.

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