Cross-talk between Src-family kinases and Abl in regulation of a signalling network implicated in granulocytes and macrophage activation, migration and recruitment

Starting date
July 1, 2007
Duration (months)
Managers or local contacts
Berton Giorgio
Signal transduction, Tyrosine kinase, Neutrophils, Macrophage

The aim of this research project is to define mechanisms by which the tyrosine kinase Abl and Src-family tyrosine kinases (SFK) converge in regulation of innate immunity cell activation and migration. Additionally this project wants to identify the signalling network regulated by Abl/SFK cross-talk. Main topics that will be addressed include:
  1. The effect of Abl kinase inhibitors, already used in the clinic or under evaluation, on innate immunity cell specific function and migration, as well as on leukocyte recruitment in in vivo murine models of inflammation;
  2. The signal transduction pathway regulated by Abl/SFK with the aim to identify substrates of these kinases or regulatory proteins interacting with them.
The ultimate task of this project is to identify new pharmacological targets to inhibit the inflammatory process and proliferation and survival of leukemic cells.


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Project participants

Laura Fumagalli
Technical-administrative staff
Paola Mazzi
Technical-administrative staff


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