Lucia De Franceschi
Associate Professor
Research interests
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red cell disorders and pathologic erythropoiesis Lucia De Franceschi
My scientific activity has focused on red cell pathologies, normal and pathologic erythropoiesis, hemoglobinopathies such as β-thalassemic syndromes and sickle cell disease (SCD) and hereditary rare anemias (i.e.: stomatocytosis, CDAII). An additional area of investigation is chorea-acanthocytosis and McLeod syndrome, which are neurodegenerative disorders involving also the erythroid compartment (Blood 118: 5652-63, 2011; Blood 128: 2976, 2016; J Neurosci 36: 12027, 2016). Through highly productive collaborations and keywork in my laboratory, my research has resulted in a number of breakthrough technologies and discoveries.


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