Advanced/Professional Development course in Posturometry techniques

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The constant development of new technology in the medical field means we need to be constantly updated in the use of both new hardware and new software. Even if doctors themselves often have time to learn about new equipment, there remains a need for technicians who actually carry out the instrumental tests, devoting themselves mainly to diagnoses and therapy. In the medical field, technical support professionals have long existed - for example, radiology technicians, laboratory technicians and orthopedic technicians. They are able to use the relevant equipment in these various roles and, when appropriate, submit a technical report to the doctor. Posturometry technicians need to know the characteristics and limitations of their equipment, verify its efficiency, check its correct application to the subjects to be examined and write up a technical report for the treating physician.

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Degree type
Advanced postgraduate course
0 years
Degree class
CP - Advanced courses (university)
Supervisory body
Comitato scientifico del Corso di Perfezionamento in Tecniche posturometriche
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Main Department
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Life and Health Sciences
Subject area
Medicine and Surgery