The Department of Medicine promotes and coordinates the integration of clinical and experimental research in the interests of translational scientific research (“from bench to bedside”). It also seeks to enhance the interaction between research, clinical care and teaching in the field of internal medicine and related medical specialisations.

The Department is characterised by a high level of interdisciplinarity in teaching clinical care – bringing together 16 sections – and in research, through international mobility schemes and specialist courses.

The Department of Medicine applies a scientific approach to pathophysiological, clinical and therapeutic knowledge of general and specialised internal diseases in adulthood and the elderly, especially concerning cardiovascular, dermatological, haematological, endocrine, gastroenterological, infectious, immune, metabolic, nephrological, oncological, pulmonary and rheumatological diseases.

The department in brief
Piazzale Ludovico Antonio Scuro 10 - 37124 Verona
Prof. Giovanni Gambaro
Deputy Director
Prof. Gabriela Constantin


Department facilities