Community Engagement

Community Engagement

The university’s third mission – social involvement and services for the community

The Department of Medicine is actively involved in third mission activities - services and events offered to local society and the general public in addition to the university’s traditional activities of academic teaching and research.

The Department of Medicine fulfils its third mission primarily by providing clinical and hospital assistance for patients with internal medicine pathologies and the main related medical specialisations. The different sections of the Department of Medicine, spread out in hospitals around Verona, provide standard inpatient admissions, day hospital admissions and specialised outpatient services.

Moreover, the Department promotes various activities that contribute towards the social, cultural and economic development of society, such as:

  • Informative articles and online publications for the general public 
  • Conferences and events for professional development and lifelong learning in the medical field 
  • Conferences and seminars for the public involving cultural entities and local social and academic institutions in the Veneto region and also nationally 
  • Organising (or participating in) informative events for the local community 
  • Proposing research projects that actively involve local organisations or companies 
  • Collaborating with local institutions and companies to develop and improve students’ vocational skills
  • Encouraging mixed public-private economic activities, such as innovative spin-off initiatives
  • Work related to patents.
Eventi di public engagement


Con l’espressione public engagement si identifica l'insieme delle attività senza scopo di lucro, con valore educativo, culturale e di sviluppo della società svolte a beneficio di pubblici diversi rispetto agli studenti, alle comunità scientifiche o alle imprese.



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