PhD in Inflammation, Immunity and Cancer

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Access type
Subject to entry requirements
Operational unit: PhD Unit
Start the cycle
October 1, 2022
End of cycle
September 30, 2025

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Call for applications for admission to PhD Programmes and for the awarding of no. 121 scholarships and no. 44 scholarships PNRR DD. MM. 351 352 of 09.04.2022.

Call for applications for n. 3 scholarship: 2 in the field of Innovation Ecosystem “Interconnected Nord-Est Innovation Ecosystem (iNEST)" funded by Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza, Missione 4 Componente 2 Investimento 1.5 and 1 funded by Fondazione Cariverona in the field of Bando Ricerca e Sviluppo 2021-2022, project “Valutazione di selezioni di viti resistenti per la produzione viticola locale e sviluppo di nuovi processi di selezione assistita per le varietà del territorio”

Awarding of no. 9 PhD scholarships funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU, National Recovery and Resilience Plan, of which no. 8 in the context of the Extended Partnership "HEAL ITALIA", area of intervention "6. Innovative diagnostics and therapies in precision medicine” and no. 1 in the context of the Extended Partnership "A multiscale integrated approach to the study of the nervous system in healt and disease" intervention area "12. Neuroscience and neuropharmacology". (point 6 of the list)

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