ph D Course in Inflammation, Immunity and Cancer (2022/2023)

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cod wi: DT000213
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Marco Antonio Cassatella
Marco Antonio Cassatella
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Anno accademico 2022/2023 Dottorato di ricerca dal Oct 1, 2022 al Sep 30, 2023.

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Learning outcomes

The PhD course in Inflammation, Immunity and Cancer, from the point of view of the PhD student's training, has three main purposes:
1) the creation of a cultural and experimental MULTIDISCIPLINARY path, from basic to applied research, in the context of innate and specific immunity, molecular and clinical oncology and oncological surgery;
2) the training of competitive Research Doctors at INTERNATIONAL level and ready for future technological changes and the increased need for productive return of research;
3) the training and professional start to basic and clinical research as well as to industrial realities in the biomedical field.


The PhD program is strongly INTERDISCIPLINARY and leads to the formation of a scientist with solid knowledge in the biomedical field, and in particular in the methodological, genetic, molecular, cellular and pathophysiological aspects relevant to research purposes - basic and applied -, as well as on the biological basis, on the pathogenetic causes and mechanisms, on the possible approaches of prevention, of "screening", of diagnosis, of pharmacological and surgical therapy, of monitoring and of the mechanisms of action of inflammatory, immune and neoplastic diseases. The PhD will thus be highly competitive internationally and qualified to plan and conduct, in person, an experimental research project, effectively communicate the results of the research and prepare applications for funding.

Reference books

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Assessment methods and criteria

The evaluation is based on the global activity carried out by PhD students during the year