PhD in Biomolecular Medicine

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List of teachings with the periods that have not been assigned
years TTA E-lrng Name Teacher or coordinator
1° 2° 3° - B lymphocyte pro-inflammatory signature guiding refractoriness and treatment decision in Rheumatoid Arthritis not yet allocated
1° 2° 3° - Cancer and tissue factor: Not only and behyond the risk of thrombosis Nicola Martinelli (Coordinator)
1° 2° 3° - Malattie linfoproliferative, aspetti biologici Carlo Visco (Coordinator)
1° 2° 3° - Metabolome analysis in primary aldosteronisms: hints for diagnosis and pathophysiology Francesca Pizzolo (Coordinator)
1° 2° 3° - Molecular basis of the alteration of cancer biology induced by mutant p53 isoforms Massimo Donadelli (Coordinator)
1° 2° 3° - Parte 1: approcci clinici e biochimici per la preservazione del potenziale fertile nei pazienti pediatrici Nicola Zampieri (Coordinator)
1° 2° 3° - Part 2: Clinical and biochemical approaches for preservation of fertile potential in pediatric patients Ilaria Dando (Coordinator)
1° 2° 3° - Regenerative medicine for osteochondral lesion (seminario in co-presenza) Elena Manuela Samaila (Coordinator)
1° 2° 3° - The mast-cell cross talking and the allergic effector unit (seminario in co-presenza prof F. Levi-Shaffer) Marco Caminati (Coordinator)
1° 2° 3° - Profili di trascrittomica ed epigenomica in anoressia oncologica Simonetta Friso (Coordinator)
1° 2° 3° - Tumor microenvironment-based risk prediction in aggressive lymphomas: methodological approaches and controversies (seminario in co-presenza prof S. Ciavarella) Carlo Visco (Coordinator)
1° 2° 3° - γ-aminobutyrate(GABA)-transaminase: molecular and cellular approaches to the study of the structure-function relationships of the enzyme Riccardo Montioli (Coordinator)

Further didactic activities

39° ciclo
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Course catalogue academic year 2023/2024 October 2023 - June 2024